Introducing LumiCup

A Whole New Way To Drink Responsibly.

Intentionally Cool

LumiCup keeps your drink cooler, longer. Their reflective surface delays the transfer of heat from your surrounding environment keeping you, your drink and our environment chill AF.

Endlessly Recyclable

Aluminum is infinitely recyclable. In fact, 75% of all the aluminum ever produced to date is still in use today. Just sip, recycle, and your LumiCup will be back on the shelf in 60 days.

Mindlessly Sustainable

Focusing on sustainability isn’t new, and with LumiCup it’s not even necessary. By opting in to an aluminum solution to single-use products, LumiCup allows all of us to remain conscious without any compromise to comfort and quality.

Conscious Without Compromise

The words Infinitely Recyclable spelled out twice in an infinity sign.
The words 60 day cycle with the number 60 drawn with arrows flowing in a circular pattern.